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Everything there is to know about borrowing friends and family

Money makes the world go round, and people have been borrowing money for hundreds of years. This has led to a massive lending market, accessed by hundreds of millions of people from all around the world on a yearly basis. At this moment in time, there are numerous types of...


Understanding your Credit History

Sometimes we all find ourselves in a position where we need to spend more cash than we actually have. Regardless of how cautious you are with your finances, there’s always the chance that a disaster could suddenly happen which forces you to consider other lines of credit that might be...


Understanding Loans and Financial Difficulties

If you’re struggling to make repayments on your debts, then you might find yourself in a state of panic. After all, sometimes it can feel like there are so many bills to pay, and not enough money to pay them with. Unfortunately, in these circumstances, people often make bad decisions...